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Petite And Shaved – It’s All My Brother’s Fault

Date Posted: November 14th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

I know it sounds like a cop-out but it’s all my brother’s fault that I got started in porno. The little cooch burnt his foot on my hair straightener and ran like a little coed to the doctor – costing him $300 in bills that if her were a real man, he would never have had to pay. Anyway, my brother was all butt-hurt so he took me to this old man’s house – once there, the dirty old man said he could help me pay my brother back – all I had to do was fuck him while my brother filed it. And my nasty brother was just sitting there grinning. I knew that my brother was wanting a few pictures of me disrobed but using the excuse of getting his cash back to persuade me to do porno was real low. But WTF – I’ve always wanted to make a porno clip it’s just that I never imagined that my brother would be there filing his little sister fucking. So there I was on the old man’s couch, my brunette hair in the old bastard’s face, my mammoth natural tits pointed in the air, my wet little cooch filled with an old man’s fat penis and my nasty brother just feet away with a clip camera filming his sister getting fucked on-camera for the first time. It kinda turned me on :-) .

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet

But to tell the truth, I loved having the old man’s penis fill my tiny little cooch – almost to the bursting point. I even got used to my brother being there – and I know he love it. As soon as we got pad he was surfing the members area of Bring Me Your Sister, downloading my clip and dozens of other sister-porno clips. Sick fucker.

Finger My Shaved Muff – Cuntmunching Girlfriends

Date Posted: November 7th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

These two very sexy cuntmunching girlfriends entertain each other in the green abode one summer day after a long morning. Abigail Blower fucking loves the taste of Alison Raptures’ tight cunt as the sexy floozy drills her fingers in and out. Alisons’ moans get louder as she bites her lip and grinds with the motion of her fingers.

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Now, it’s Abigails’ turn to be pleased. Alison nibbles on her pretty pink pierced nipples and starts to rub her clitoris while Abigail is on her knees.

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Alison final gets a taste of Abigails’ dripping wet coochie. She rolls her green tongue ring all over this cunt clitoris. Sucking the lips she begins to finger Abigail for round 2! View Free Trailer.

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These two sexy flirty teenage girls talk to the camera after they satisfy each other. Shockingly, that was Abigails’ first on-screen babe on babe shoot, I think we can all agree.. she LOVED it!  See full homemade sex clips at Real Colorado Girls.

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Petite Coed – Richard Nailder And Indica Young

Date Posted: October 24th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Indica Young looked over at me like I was insane for hungering for to shoot her fucking me but with a little coaxing, the petite Colorado Teenager was sure to be riding my boner with the cameras running so that all of you could enjoy watching this sexy petite teenager being stuffed with fat boner and swallowing hot sticky  cum. Look at the wet lips of this sexy teenager, hell, that alone should get start the faint tingeing in the tip of your dick that is the start of any good sex encounter. And a sex encounter with this sexy teenager mom will leave a smile on your face and your balls drained – I was looking forward to it ;-)

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Indica Young and Richard Nailder

Just knowing that I would soon feel the wetness of her teenager cunt wrapping itself around my boner brought it to a full boner – and hell, I’m almost 50 so that’s an achievement on it’s own. But then again, I’ve fucked this tiny teenager mom before and I know how superior her little cunt feels so of course I was excited.I also knew that Indica gives one of the best blowjobs a man could ever wish for so before I started hammering away at her shaved little cunt, I wanted this cute Colorado Girl to suck my boner like only she know how.  After a good boner-sucking, I fucked her as hard as an old man can and then filled the little whore’s mouth with a monster load of warm cum.

sbj cumshot

Indica Young Swallows My cum

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Petite Cutie – Anistaija

Date Posted: October 17th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Anistaija gnd teen amateur

My Bio

Name: Anistaija
Age: I did my first shoot a few weeks after my 18th Birthday ;-)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5’1 1/2?
Weight: 96 lbs
Hobbies: Hanging out at the mall.
I Like My Men To Be: Built and have a nice smile!
I Like My coeds To Be: mischievous and petite!

When I first started working for Glass Mannequin Productions, I was so nervous but the people that work here are so cool that it didn’t take long for me to relax a little. My first shoot was with Charlie and I actually came for the camera. Now I semen on every shoot. I love to fuck new coeds and really love doing sets with Josie, Tasha, and Jayda – they are my bitches….. Ricky has a large cock that feels as good in my ass as it does in my wet little pussy so I love to work with him as often as I can. Watch my page to see all the new sets that we’ll be posting over the next few weeks.


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Finger My Shaved Pussy – Girls Will Do Girl

Date Posted: October 10th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Real Colorado Girls Thena Sky, Alison Rapture and Abigail blower love getting the chance at having some much needed chick time. While having chick talk amateur sex smut star Alison Rapture asked “have any of you ever been eaten out while smoking a cigarette?” Abigail Blower being new to the smut clip admits no…she hasn’t.

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Smoking babes

Well that was quick to change… Alison was soon face deep in Abigail’s nice shaved beaver tasting her sweet juices, with Thena Sky waiting for her turn with the sexy little blonde. Stream and download full video.

girl eating out a girl

alison rapture eats pussy

It’s Thena Sky turn to lick Abigails beaver as Alison Rapture grabs the sex vibrator and fucks the shit out of Thena’s nice pink beaver.Not only is Abigail new to getting her cunt munched while smoking a cigarette, but this Colorado bimbo has never had a all chick three-some. To see what happens on this all chick three-some download full movie

Girls Fucking

Girl Will Do Girls

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Teenager Muffy – Teenager Carpet-muncher Sex

Date Posted: September 26th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Mannequin babes Anistaija Ray & Jayda Garcia had been craving to try sex on camera but the shyer of the two, the cute Latina 18-year-old Jayda Garcia, was almost too nervous but the skinny sandy Anistaija talked her into letting her lick Jayda’s wet little teen coochie – and the perverts at Glass Mannequin were there to these two hard bodied teen lesbos and share these free teen carpet-muncher smut clips with us. If you like these free teen smut films, then you’ll love the content on Glass Mannequin – join today and get two bonus sites free.

Teen Lesbian Sex

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Teen Lesbian Sex

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Teen Lesbian Sex

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Bald Teen Muffy – Cynthia Jay Audition

Date Posted: September 12th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

I love it when a new amateur girl with first-rate perky little tits and a shaved little cunt asks to audition in her first coed porno scene – and I love it even better when the teen passes the audition “test” with flying colors. This was the case with Cynthia Jay. This sexy 18-year-old teen with perky little tits likes men, women and a nice variety of sex toys. In this audition scene, Cynthia Jay tests the proper application of two “dildo Factory” dildos at the same time. Cynthia is a cute 18 year old blonde girl from Colorado that loves to have her clit stimulated and the purple vibrator did just the job she needed done to get this tattooed teen to climax in waves. Real amateur sex babes.

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Wet Shaved Cooder – Say Hi To Sabina Sweet

Date Posted: September 5th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Sabina Sweet is my newest addition at Bring Me Your Sister and this whopping-breasted Romanian-born, Colorado-raised dark haired is one sexy petite teenager. At only 19 years old, Sabina had no idea what her brother was planing for her when he showed up at my door with his little sister in tow. He wanted retaliation for his sister burning him and he wanted it now – so he pimped the little floozy out in her first smut clip – and I’m the lucky bastard that got to pop this girl’s “porn” cherry.

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother

Sabina Sweet And Her Brother Arrive At My Door

Sabina was real shy and just a little pissed at her brother but she decided that fucking me was a unmarred way to earn the money she owed her brother back and get her brother off her ass. But having her brother filming her wasn’t part of the deal – or was it? I mean the whole point of Bring Me Your Sister is to let brother’s video their sisters fucking and if Sabina wanted to leave here with a happy brother, she was going to have to fuck and suck to earn it. Even if her brother was right there with a camera filming his sister’s first smut clip.

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

Sabina Sweet Glares At Her Brother

And I loved it. Besides being a sexy dark haired, one of the first things you notice about Sabina is her whopping brown eyes. Oh come on perverts, quit looking at her absolutely unmarred, 100% natural  d-cups for a minute and imagine her looking over at you with those whopping brown “fuck-me” eyes as you caressed her unmarred boobs for the first time ——- now you know why I love my job so much. :-)     Sabina Sweet – First smut clip – exclusively at Bring Me Your Sister.

Sabina Sweet And Her Big Brown Eyes ;-)

Sabina Sweet And Her whopping Brown Eyes ;-)

But it’s not all about titties – I wanted to see if the rumors I’ve heard about Romanian girls was true – I hear they all can suck softballs through a garden hose and have muffins so hot and tight the can bend iron rods – and my rod was hard as iron and I needed it sucked. Her brother gets in close and shoots his sister as she puts my boner in her mouth working her tiny hands along my throbbing shaft as she sucked, gently at first, then harder and she picked up the pace. To be honest, I don’t think his sister had ever seen such a fat boner and she does give pretty good head for a beginner.  Watch Sabina suck boner for the first time on clip at Bring Me Your Sister.

Sabina Sweet Sucking Cock In Her First Porn Video

Sabina Sweet Sucking boner In Her First smut Video

Having such a beautiful olive-skinned athletic teenager sucking my boner was prime but I wanted to sample the outlawed sweets, I wanted to feel the warmth of his sister’s teenager beaver sliding slowly down fully engulfing my boner in it’s warmth. I wanted to fuck the tramp, I wanted to feel my balls slapping against her firm ass as she winced from the full length of my boner slamming deep in her tiny little cunt. I wanted to hear her moan with pleasure and chirp with excitement as she arched her back and rode my boner – her brother just a few feet away catching it all on video. – only at Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking His Sister As He Films

Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

Yes – I enjoyed fucking the beautiful, fun and fun-loving Sabina Sweet.   Download the full clip at Bring Me Your Sister.

Petite Cutie – Packaged For Fucking

Date Posted: August 29th, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Packaged up and unable to move the submissive Alison Rapture stays face down ass up as Richard Nailder spanks her for being a froward floozy while playing with her tight vagina. Download more vids of Glass mannequin’s Alison Rapture here.

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This Pierced slut gets all wet as the old man has her sexy body saran wrapped while sliding his mammoth pecker in and out of her tight vagina.

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Being tied up is nothing new for this amateur smut star , so when the old man presented his fat cock in front of the sexy brunette she knew what to do…suck that dick like her freedom depended on it.  view free trailer and or  download full video.

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Ooo Fuck is right, you can tell this naughty girl is enjoying every hard thrust that the old man pounds into her wet throbbing vagina. Keeping the submissive floozy in place by holding the back of her neck, the old man is making sure that Alison takes every inch of his mammoth dick!! To see this floozy get unwrapped download full video

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Wet Shaved Teenager – Petite Amateur Sex Chick Takes A Monstrous Pecker

Date Posted: August 22nd, 2014 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Crystal is a petite little teenage black babe that normally only fucks other teenagers but when she killed her brother’s exotic fish, he wanted a little revenge so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister and pimped her petite butt out in her first and only amateur sex sister porno vid so he could buy new fish. Of course he never told her that he would be filming his sister having sex but she never asked either. When Crystal first saw the size of the guys meat, she about walked out but her brother made his errant little sister fuck the old guy even if it hurt her to have such a king-sized meat in her tight little coochy. I this sister sex clip, you get to see Theo filming his sister as she gets her shaved coochy licked. Watch and you can see his sister have quiet but real orgasm. If you desire to see her wince as the old fucker shoves his king-sized meat in her petite coochy – you’ll have to download the entire film on Bring Me Your Sister – enjoy!