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Petite Cutie – Nervous 18 Year Old – Jayda Does Her First Nudes

Date Posted: August 24th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Teen amateur sex model Jayda Garcia was so nervous in her first nude photo shoot I thought she was going to pee herself but as you can see in this video clip vid of her first nude shoot, this 18 year old Latina chick still managed to finger her tiny pussy enough to keep me happy jaydagarcia amateur teen latina brunette shaved gnd dildo nudes sfm booty plts    Jayda had already done one lesbo video clip with her girlfriend but this was the first time she had ever been nude in front of strangers without the support of her girlfriend. Jayda has a exceptional round ass and a tiny little pussy – check out the full-length video clip at Glass Mannequin today.

Shaved Muffin – Fucking My Sister’s Shaved Teenager Muffin

Date Posted: August 17th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

I fucking got to video it! I mean, I got to video this old bastard fucking my sister’s shaved teenager pussy! My stupid little sister Shaye Baxter dropped my laptop and wrecked it but the little cunt had no way to pay me back. When I read the add in the paper, I knew what I was going to do – and unless the little cunt could pay me back some other way, she was going to fuck on camera for the first time – and lucky me was going to get to hold one of the camera’s. I’d never made sister porn before!

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Now I’m not sure if it’s normal for a brother to long for to watch his sister having sex – but for me, it was vengeance time! Filming my sister get fucked by an old guy was vengeance indeed – maybe if she pisses me off again, I’ll show the clip to her precious daddy! He would just fucking love that.

my sister getting fucked

Anyway, my little sister didn’t have much of a choice so she did let me video her fucking. It was a little weird at first watching this man’s colossal boner hammering her petite teenager cooder as the old man spread her petite teenager butt and filler her fat cooder with his jumbo throbbing boner but I did my job and held the camera. Before the set, I had no idea how cute my sister’s teenager pussy was. The little tramp has a sexy little fat teenager cooder and she even keeps it shaved real nice. I must say, I made some pretty hot sister porno that day.

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The old man was having a pretty good time eating and fucking her fat little cooder but her kept making wise butt comments to me about me watching my sister getting fucked. I mean really, he’s the pervert fucking my sister, not me! Well, after what seamed like forever, the old guy pulls his boner out of her fat teenager cooder and sets a jumbo load of hot jizz all over her tight teenager belly. It was fucking hot making sister porno – and I got enough coin to fix my computer – undamaged! If you long for to check out the clip I made of my sister, I had it posted at

Petite Cutie – You Got To Pay To Play In College

Date Posted: August 10th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

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We were out with Jimmy over at the local college trying to scout for some more coed talent but we couldn’t find our way in through the fence. While we were looking for an opening, we met Bree who explained the gate was on the opposite side from where we were. She was a cutie so Jimmy decided she was just as good a candidate as any to throw his scholarship pitch at. Bree was definitely in need of money as she explained she was handling the entire cost of her higher education on her own. Bree decided pretty quickly she needed the bucks and would be a part of Jimmy’s behind the videos of a college student project he claimed he was doing. When she arrived at Jimmy’s place, she had already seemed pretty interested in Andrew, and that interest was confirmed when he started to make out with her. Bree wasted little time moving on from there, unzipping Andrew’s jeans to suck on his dick. She was already out of her clothes when Andrew spread this hard body coed’s legs apart and slid his schlong inside her tight shaved snatch. Andrew fucked her good and hard until he blasted her sweet face with a load. Sometimes you don’t even have to try that hard to find a horny coed.

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Shaved Teenager – Cumming While Fucked From Behind

Date Posted: August 3rd, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

With all these free shoot scenes of teenagers cumming on this blog it’s exceptional that we don’t have more scenes of teenagers cumming while being fucked from behind – doggie style. That’s why I’ve added this clip from Glass Mannequin of the very orgasmic Violet Little cumming while fucked doggie style. This cute little brunette loves erection and has deep vaginal orgasms when fucked hard from behind. One can tell she’s cumming from the strong vaginal contractions you feel on your erection as you ram it deep in her wet little cunt. The harder you fuck her, the harder she cums.

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Shaved Teen – Cunt Luvin Lesbos

Date Posted: July 27th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Naughty Little Hannah stopped by with her girlfriend Angelina and the two were commenting that they had known each other forever but had never fucked each other so I decided to give the two hotties a chance do do a little cunt-muncher cunt devouring on camera. Grabbing a clip camera and a few vibrating dildos, we headed to the bedroom, let the teenagers pick their dildos from my sex sex-toy collection and told them to have fun – and have fun they did! To tell the truth, I had always wanted to see Angelina’s sweet shave fat-muffy and her whopping apple booty on camera and my wish was suddenly coming true. I posted a few pussy photograph here but to see nasty Little Hannah totally abuse her teen friend’s muff, you should check out the members area at Glass Mannequin.  Do it today and I’ll throw in a free pass to Real Colorado Girls so you can see more of these naughty coeds making cunt-muncher sex look like an evertday sport.

NaughtyLittleHannah Gives Angelina Some Girl-on-Girl Cunt-Luvin lesbian teen boty pufp gnd gfm hym lcm 1tm brunette teen shaved dildo

Naughty Little Hannah Gives Angelina Some teen-on-teen Cunt-Luvin

Now remember, I wasn’t the one who picked out the dildos for these sluts but I wasn’t surprised to see then both pick out petite little vibrating dildos – they said they liked the way the little dildos vibrated in their coochies and on their fat little clits. nasty Little Hannah started right in on Angelina and within a few minutes Angelina was quivering at the edge of orgasm. But being the tease that Hannah is, she made her teen wait a bit longer – having her get on her hands and knees and putting her round white booty in the air for us all to see. All the time rubbing the little vibrating sextoy on her clit untill she reached her climax.

Angelina's Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Angelina’s Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Hannah then pulled out this colossal sized double-ended sextoy and started getting it a little wet before she stuffed the thing deep in Angelina’s tight little pussy – at least her pussy was tight before that over-sized sextoy violated her warm wet paradise. But Little Hannah knew what she wanted to so soon the teenagers were scissoring on the bed with a over-sized rubber double-ended sextoy fucking them both.  The clip in the member’s area at Glass Mannequin shows  exactly how much of this colossal sextoy that these teenagers can make disappear – check it out!

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Of course, filling a cunt isn’t all there is to proper cunt luvin – taking care of a teen;’s clit is just as important and nasty Little Hannah knew this well. As soon as she stuffed the sextoy in her friends cunt, she went right to work on her clit – and at last, Angelina cried out in ecstasy as intense waves of pleasure rolled over her firm coed body. There was no faking her orgasm – it was real and it was intense.  See both teenagers cream in the members area.

Now That's What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

Now That’s What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

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Bald Teenager Muffy – Round Lesbo Booty And Hot Latina Muffy

Date Posted: July 20th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Rene has one of those round and firm asses that you just hunger for to grab and hold on to as you’re burring your face in her shaved little cunt and that’s just what the hot Latina 18 year old, Honey, was doing to her girlfriend. These two shaved teen lesbians love eating cunt and it’s no surprise that it shows in our last homemade clip of these two teen cunts. Of course, if you hunger for to see more of these two carpet-muncher cunts, all you have to do is visit my main amateur sex site Glass Mannequin – or you can bookmark this page and watch for more real homemade carpet-muncher clip films.

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Wet Shaved Cunt – Kaydence Skye Does Her First Girl-girl Smut

Date Posted: July 13th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Kaydence Skye always claimed she loved fucking girls but until she actually did it in front of the camera – we weren’t convinced that this petite hard-bodied coed really had a clue about pussy eating. So, whale in Vegas a few weeks back, we grabbed one of our regular models and let the two girls have a little fun in front of the camera. Kaydence had met the guys at Glass Mannequin Productions after her brother piped her out (and filmed her) in a shoot for Bring Me Your Sister and she had enough fun fucking on camera that she wanted to earn a few more money and if she could make dough fucking an old man – then fucking a girl as cute as Thena Sky would be a real pleasure.

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Thena Sky Checks Out Kaydence’s first-class rack

The 18 year old tattooed and pierced Kaydence had just met nineteen year old Thena but the two girls got along grand and both were looking forward to some superb lesbian sex on what was to be Kaydence’s first on-camera lesbian sex. Kaydence got right into fucking her new girlfriend and was soon licking the cute teenage brunette’s shaved little cunt. Thena soon returned the favor and both girls reached quiet but quivering orgasms.

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Kaydence Skye Eats Her First Pussy

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Teenager Coochie – Petite Amateur Sex Teenager Likes Big Erections

Date Posted: July 6th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies
Petite Amateur VioletLittle Sucks My Big Cock sbj teen hym bnts big tits brunette xxxp pufn climax

Petite amateur sex Sucks My massive Cock

Petite amateur sex teenager Violet Little loves to suck and fuck good-sized meat and I’ve been filming myself fuck her ever since her brother drug her by my place so I could grudge-fuck after she trashed his play-station.  Only problem with his thinking was the little cunt likes fucking on camera so much that she made it a regular practice.

Tiny Teen Moans When I Fuck Her

Tiny teen Moans When I Fuck Her

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Shaved Teenager – Maddy Marks Round Booty Perfect Cans And A Fat Little Twat

Date Posted: June 29th, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

Maddy Marks has one of the sexiest natural bodies that you are ever likely to see anywhere and to see this hot nineteen year old sucking dick or taking a fat dick deep in her puffy cooder is enough to drive any red-blooded man crazy. Imagine you are the old man playing with her amazing natural breasts, or spreading her butt cheeks and fingering her wet little cooder – or better yet, it’s your fat dick that this hot teen is slobbering on before she decides to see if it will even fit in her super-tight and puffy coed cooder.

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Maddy Marks

That’s exactly what you can see as this hot teen lets herself be filmed as she fucks the guy that lives down the street from her place. Maddy Marks is a little floozy that loves to let you take charge and in this clip, she was the sub and Richard Nailder dominated the cute neighbor babe. First he spanked her fir coed butt then , after properly fingering her puffy coed cooder, he made sure that he licked her coed cunt long enough that it was nice and wet before he filled her coed cunt with his fat old dick.

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Spanking Maddy Marks

Of course, this hot coed wasn’t willing to let Richard force his dick into her – she preferred guiding his thick dick into her puffy cooder as she straddled him for the first time. Feeling herself being filled with such a immense dick made her wince in pain and this only turned Richard on more – making him hammer her tight little cunt even harder. Now Richard Nailder had fucked his share of coed coochies and he claims Maddy Marks has the best feeling puffy coed cooder he has ever had the pleasure of filling with his fat dick.

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Filling Maddy Mark’s puffy Pussy

Just looking at these amateur sex pics on Glass Mannequin makes it obvious that this cute coed with the amazing oversized natural breasts was not not particularly enjoying having the old neighbor’s dick thrust into her little coed cooder and to be honest, that really turned me on. I had to wonder what makes a floozy like this fuck a man over twice her age made me so horny that I had to see if this little cum dumpster let the old fucker fill her with cream or if he just shot a sticky load all over her amazing coed breasts.

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Maddy Marks Takes Richard Nailder’s Fat Cock

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Petite Cutie – My Sister’s First Smut Film

Date Posted: June 22nd, 2013 Posted Under: Petite Girls With Shaved Pussies

My hot teen sister loves sex and I have to listen to her fucking all the time so when she broke my play-station and had no way to pay me back, I decided to shoot fucking so I could earn a few dough to get a new play-station. I had seen this add in the local paper looking for nasty sisters and I knew my little sister would do it because she’s such a little harlot.  So I took her to this guys residence and he explained that he would pay for the play-station if she made a smut with him. She was down with the idea until he told her that I would be filming it. She wanted nothing to so with having her brother watch her fuck – let alone shoot her fucking but the little cunt had no choice – I wasn’t letting her off the hook till she paid me back and my sister had no way to earn coin except with her hot little body.

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My Sister Getting Her muffy Licked

Now I’ve seen my sister bare a lot of times but I’ve never seen my sister fucking and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure it had me a little nervous but I was a little excited too. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do a good job filming my sister in her first sister smut video but I did my best. The guy seamed like he was enjoying fucking my sister and she sure as hell made enough noise. The face she pulled as she had her first orgasm was fucking priceless. You can see the froward vid I made of my little sister at – be sure to check out the part where Violet cums.