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My sister is a little cunt so after she fucked up my drums, I had my sister grudge fucked by the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister – and I filmed the old man’s king-sized erection ripping up my sister’s cooch in her sister porn audition. My sister is the typical stupid high-school coed, superior butt, nice sized natural hooters, and a puffy coed cooch that from the looks of it, should be able to take a lot more erection than she did bit to tell the truth, watching my sister split open by the old man’s erection was a bit of a turn-on.

Sister Winces In Pain From The Old Man's Huge Cock

Sister Winces In Pain From The Old Man’s king-sized Cock

In fact, I’ve always wanted to grudge-fuck my sister but social norms prevented me from acting on my impulses so filming my sister getting ripped up by the old man’s fat erection brought me superior satisfaction. She was pissed and I was making a video of my little sister with a fat erection in her puffy pink cooch.  All because the little cunt owed me dough. So – if your sister’s a cunt, if she breaks or steals your stuff, if she owes you dough then drag her over to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister and make a vid of your own sister getting grudge-fucked. Or join to download the video I made of my own sister.

I Think My Sister Was Pissed At Me

I Think My Sister Was Pissed At Me

But no grudge-fuck of your sister is ever complete without seeing your sister covered in sperm. I’m sure some guys sisters just love sperm but my sister has sperm-phobia – hey, don’t blame me – I had no idea that she hated sperm until the old man pulled his fat erection out of my sister’s little cunt and proceeded to blow a king-sized load of hot sticky sperm all over my sister. My sister panicked, turning her bj to avoid facial over spray and wincing like the old man’s sperm would burn holes in her skin – it was the top-notch culmination of the top-notch grudge-fuck – thanks to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister.

My Sister Dodges The Cumshot

My Sister Dodges The Cumshot

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Petite Cutie – Perverted Little Semen Bitch

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Piper Brandy of Glass Mannequin is a naughty sperm cum dumpster. This naughty little bitch loves to be fucked hard and covered in sperm. The people from Glass Mannequin were able to catch this sexy brunette get the shit fucked out of her sweet shaved cunt by the old pervert who fucks all the tight young beaver on bring me your sister. Wasn’t long till this old pervert had the cunt on her knees sucking his fat penis. Piper loves penis!!!!!!! The old man soon has the sperm cum dumpster on all fours fucking her doggie style like the little cunt she is. The slut loves a fat cock in her beaver just as much as any other sexy amateur sex porno star. To see this naughty tramp get  fucked and covered in sperm download full video

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Piper Brandy Covered In Cum

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Wet Shaved Cunt – Tiny Delilah Daze, The Older Neighbor And His Jumbo Boner

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Petite brunette Real Colorado Girl Delilah Daze had never fucked a meat that was bigger than her tiny size-3 feet but she was willing to give it a try. In these free amateur sex porno shoots of this tiny coed from Colorado Springs, CO, Delilah lets the old man next door give her a massage and then a real foot-fucking.

Tiny Delilah Daze

Tiny Delilah Daze

Of course, we’re all dying to see if this petite brunette with the terrific little perky boobs can take every inch of the old man’s fat meat deep in her tiny little shaved teenager snatch. Of course, no Real Colorado Girls amateur sex film would be complete without a bunch of sticky spunk covering some sexy coed, to be more specific in this case, all over her tiny little feet.

Tiny Girl Huge Cock

Tiny coed good-sized Cock

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Smooth Shaved Petite Teenager – How Close Is Too Close To Your Sisters Pussy?

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I know I’ve posted about my sister, Maria Marez, before but this little cunt keeps fucking up my stuff so I decided to sell her to an old man that runs this sister smut site to pay for my massage table after my sister fucked it up. Anyway – at first I was a little shy about filming the whole thing but with time I got real close to my sister’s wet little cunt and filmed this old fucker stuffing his fat meat deep in my sister’s mouth and then making her ride his fat meat like the the little floozy she is.

My Sister Sucking Cock

My Sister Sucking Cock

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My Sisters Pussy

My Sisters Wet Pussy

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Wet Shaved Coed – Hot Wet Pussy

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There is nothing as hot as a Mexican Girl teenager when she’s all wet and ready for sex. When I first saw these pictures of Eva Escobar I knew I had to see more so I signed up at Glass Mannequin and I wasn’t disappointed. In this set alone, there are over 150 bare pictures of Eva and half a dozen other sets of this hot Mexican Girl teen – including two super hot lesbian sets. Of course, to see them all, you have to be a member.  Of course, there are lots of other teens and you also get full access to two additional sites.

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Hot Wet Latina

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If I rank shoots bu the best sex then Alison Rapture’s first Bring Me Your Sister movie, which was actually her first movie ever and the fist time this hard-bodied hottie had ever had a smut-sized erection, and she loved it. After overcoming her initial shyness, and with the help of a little foreplay to get her ready for her first giant erection,  her brother filmed her shock as she took her first over-sized erection balls-deep in her tiny coed muffin. She then went on to have multiple vaginal orgasms, cumming hard on my throbbing erection as I fucked this athletic hottie as hard as an old man can.

Alison Rapture's First Big Cock

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Smooth Shaved Petite Coed – Alliyah Sky Takes A Fat Boner

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Ok – the guys at Bring Me Your Sister would have never found the sexy island teen Alliyah Sky without the help of her pissed off brother. Seems the cute brown haired can’t resist having her brother just inches from her shaved muffin filming her getting stuffed withe a fat dick. And lucky for you, he posted the shoot he made of his sister on Bring Me Your Sister where we can all wank to his sister getting fucked. Don’t hesitate – join Bring Me Your Sister and see if you have what it takes to video your sister fucking.

Alliyah Sky Takes A Fat Cock

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Alliyah Sky Takes A Fat Cock

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Alliyah Sky Takes A Fat Cock

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Shaved Girl – Angle Cakes First..

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Jayden’s Little Sister owes him big time. Not only did she loose his $400 phone this naughty skank stole his boy friend too.So what better way to get pay back on his slutty sister then have Angel Cakes make her first porno ever with the old man in the neighborhood.Too see this Amateur teenager make her first porno join Bring Me Your Sister

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Angel Cakes Nice Ass

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Old man opens Angles pussy

Old man opens Angles pussy

With her round butt on top you can see her pretty cooder lips squeezing on his hard cock. Loving cock so much i think this horny harlot forgot she was making her first porn. Making this a must see video clip, to see Angel Cakes make her first porno join Bring Me Your Sister

Brothers Close up

Brothers Close up

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Petite Babe – Petite Tattooed Sister Fucked

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When Raymond showed up at Bring Me Your Sister with his petite tattooed sister I immediately knew that this skinny brunette would soon be riding my fat cock and she would even let her brother film it. Raymond’s sister had never done a smut shoot before but it didn’t take her long to catch on. Within minutes, his sister was sucking my fat cock as her substantial cans rubbed gently against my legs. His sister winced in pain as she lowered herself onto mt cock but soon the little harlot was riding my throbbing cock like the little cunt that she is – all of this captured on film by her froward little brother. Stream or download the full high-quality video on Bring Me Your Sister – members full get access three amateur sex smut sites featuring hundreds of exclusive amateur sex smut video clips and thousands of HD images.

Petite Tattooed Sister Fucked

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Petite Tattooed Sister Fucked

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Petite Tattooed Sister Fucked

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Finger My Shaved Cunt – Say Hi To My Cunt

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Hi, my name is Blaze Burnz. I’m a 18-year-old naughty coed milf from Colorado Springs, CO and I’m new to porno so I thought I would introduce you to my shaved teenage beaver. My career in porno all started when my weird brother decided he wanted retribution for something stupid I did and he pimped me out to the geezer that runs Bring Me Your Sister. At first it was a little weird fucking on camera but I soon got used to flashing my tight coed cunt for the camera and I had soon done shoots for the excellent amateur sex porno sites “Real Colorado Girls” and “Glass Mannequin“.

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Blaze Burnz Hot Young Mom

Now that you’ve met my cunt, let me tell you a little more about me. As I said above, I’m an 18-year-old itty bitty from Colorado. I have brunette hair, a pierced clit and a number of really cool tattoos. I love fucking so this job was made for me. I love filming older man fucking coeds porno as much as I love a quick carpet-muncher cooch muncher photo set. My friends all call me a naughty floozy but that’s just because the little harlots just wish they were getting paid to have their vag filled with a fat throbbing dick. But enough about me – to see more of my shaved teenage beaver be sure to visit Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado Girls or Glass Mannequin today – sign-up for one and get full access to all three.